Perimeter Alert Systems

Never be caught off guard again. LiftMaster® perimeter alert systems detect motion and alert you when a pedestrian or vehicle approaches your home or property. The weather-resistant motion sensors feature an adjustable sensitivity control to prevent false alarms from small animals. Each system has up to a half-mile range and long battery life, and can be easily installed practically anywhere that demands notification or protection  driveways, garages, sheds, business fronts, or even back entrances. The systems can also be expanded to help protect your property even further.
Perimeter Alert 835LM
Perimeter Alert
New and improved alert system now with up to a 1/2-mile range! Alerts you with light and sound when people or vehicles approach your home or property.
Extra Sensor - Perimeter Alert 836LM
Extra Sensor – Perimeter Alert
New and improved alert sensor now with up to a 1/2-mile range! Detects motion of pedestrians and vehicles when they approach your home and property. Extra sensor to be used with the Perimeter Alert.