Gates and Electric Gate Openers

Call us for any of your gate or gate opener needs.  We can custom build a gate for your specific needs on site.

Slide Gate Operators Slide Gate Operators
Slide operators are used when there is limited space behind a secured facility, so the gate must run parallel to a fence or wall.
Swing Gate Operators Swing Gate Operators
Swing operators are used when a gate (or two gates) open inward or outward away from a wall.
Barrier Gate Operators Barrier Gate Operators
Barrier operators are used for high-traffic, frequently accessed sites, such as airports, parking lots, or office buildings.

High Cycle Trolley Gate Operators High Cycle Trolley Gate Operators
High cycle trolley operators are designed for use on high-traffic gates and low-profile applications.

Gate Operator Accessories Gate Operator Accessories

Chamberlain® gate operator accessories are designed to fit all applications. We offer gate hardware, pedestals, loops and loop detectors, vehicle detection systems, gate locks, fire access boxes, and more.