Gate Operator Accessories

Chamberlain’s Gate Operator Hardware includes wheels, guide rollers, hinges, and more, and is constructed using only the finest materials and processes available, ensuring the highest performance and lasting durability.

Chamberlain® Elite Power Wheels™ are constructed of solid steel and are available in 4″ and 6″ sizes. They are finished with gold or silver zinc plating, making them ideal for heavy continuous cycle gates. We also carry non-breakable UHMW wheels designed specifically for lighter gates.

Guide Rollers

Chamberlain® guide rollers are constructed from steel roller bearings and are covered with neoprene, making operation silent and steady. They are available in black or gray, in adjustable or side-mount styles. Covered Guide Rollers are also available to meet UL guidelines in select markets.


Chamberlain® Elite Power Hinges™ are designed to last longer, install easier, and provide greater safety than conventional gate hinges. They are designed for high-traffic industrial applications and have an innovative safety design that prevents the gate from ever hitting the post.

Expand and customize your gate access system with Chamberlain’s extensive selection of innovative Gate Operator Accessories designed to bring added safety, security, and convenience.

Chamberlain® offers both in-ground or pad-mount gooseneck style posts for your varying installation needs. All our posts have a powder coated, weather-resistant finish, and our new pedestals have versatile mounting plates, offering more mounting options.

Gate Locks

Strong and reliable protection on both pedestrian and vehiculer gates, Chamberlain’s magnetic and electric gate locks are constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel and offer superior reliability, strength, and safety.

7-Day Timers

Chamberlain® offers 7-day timers that can be used to automatically open or close a gate at a pre-programmed time. Features include automatic daylight savings time changeover, holiday programming, battery backup, and up to 42 programs.

Fire Access Boxes

Essential for added safety, Chamberlain® fire access boxes provide a convenient way for the fire department to gain access to the property: the gate can be activated automatically with a switch or a pull cord.

Chamberlain® offers a variety of Loop Accessories to meet all of your loop needs.
Loop Detectors

From 12VAC/VDC to 115VAC, Chamberlain® offers loop detectors that provide all the features and controls necessary for a wide variety of gate operator applications.

Low-Power Loop Detectors

Chamberlain’s new low-power loop detectors’ consumption rate is so low they are perfect for solar- or battery-powered gate operators.

Pre-Formed Loops

Chamberlain® pre-formed loops are available in two styles: pave-over style, which is used for new drive installations, and saw-cut style, used on existing drives. Both styles are available in 4’x8′ and 6’x12′ loop sizes.

Loop Wire

Chamberlain’s 18AWG XLPE bulk loop wire is ideal for installers that prefer to make their own pre-formed loops. The wire is available in black, blue, or red in 500- or 1,000-foot spools.

Loop Accessories

Chamberlain­® offers high-quality loop sealants and a professional loop sealant gun. Loop sealant is available in black or gray, and skins over in 10 minutes and restores traffic in only one hour. Our gun dispenser is drip free and has a revolving barrel, making it ideal for caulking around corners.

Chamberlain® offers a variety of Vehicle Detection Systems to fit your specific gate operator needs, including photo eyes, electric edges, and sensing probes.
Photo Eyes

Photo eyes provide much-needed safety around gates by reversing or stopping the gate when something is in its path. Chamberlain® offers both retro-reflective and emitter-receiver type photo eyes.

Electric Edges

Chamberlain® offers a variety of quality electric edges for gate installations. Electric edges should be used on every gate for the protection of pedestrians and vehicles.

Sensing Probes

Chamberlain® Sensing Probes can be used to open a gate when a car drives by or to indicate that a car is approaching, sensing a 15-foot diameter around the probe.